A classic avoid and collect game, where you are a flying cup of coffee.

Collect all the sugar you can, avoiding obstacles and other bad things...
Do not pour anything else in your coffee except sugar and water!

If your cup gets dirty, try to wash it away with some water!

Collect sugar and spend your points in the shop to change the skin of your cup.

Customize your character changing its color.


Touch or click to move the cup left and right

You can download the game on:

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Tagsaddictive, Casual, coffee, cup, Flying, infinite-runner, pix, Retro, Short, sugar

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(3 edits)

Just my opinion below:

1. The speed is increasing too fast for me

2. Shaking after catching a sugar is too disorienting at high speed. I would make it less strong

3. It seems to me that the process of adjusting the color is not entirely obvious.
Maybe you should label sliders (with text or icons)

Graphics is awesome!

Thanks a lot for your suggestion! 
I will make some changes in the next update!