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An emergency call from the ALUC - Alien Life Unit Center - located on the planet CA-210717,  has been received by the Special Force Team operating on the planet. They tried to call back the ALUC many times, but they had no luck...

Sometimes one of the specimen escapes. In that case the special force team is called to extarminate it in order to avoid a possible contamination.

The squad expected to find some sort of alien-guinea pig, but once inside inside the building they only find dead scientists, ripped to shreds.

Finally, behind a corner, they see a weird creature. No eyes, 10 feet tall, huge claws as hands. The creature stands in front of them, with a weird smile on its face...

At the same time, another creature jumps out of nowhere,  and stabs one of the soldiers in the chest with its claws.

The soldiers try to counterattack, but there are too many aliens, there is no way to kill them all. 

Ammunitions start to become scarce. The few soldiers that are still alive try to run away, but the aliens are everywhere. It seems like there is no escape for them.

Despite all, one of the survivor manages to reach a werehouse. He can still hear the screams of his comrades, but he can't to anything for them.

Suddenly, everything becomes extremely quite. Maybe, this is the time to escape from this hell. The last survivor knows the aliens are still there, waiting for him, but he must find a wayout.

The Last Man is a topdown survival horror, where you have to escape from a facility infested by aliens.

You can collect all the weapons and gears you find on your way, trying to find a wayout from this alien hell.

But be careful! These aliens can cut your head off with a single hit!  So, don't let your guard down.

  • Six different endings
  • 9 different weapons: from combat knife to sniper rifle
  • 4 game modes
  • Randmly Generated items and exit door locations 
  •  Six maze-like levels (you have to play very hard mode to see all the levels)
  •  Hundreds of aliens to kill or avoid: the choice is yours

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Play the first 3 Levels at: https://lagged.com/en/g/the-last-man

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TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Gore, Horror, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Top Down Adventure, Top down shooter


Get this game and 6 more for $9.99 USD
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Played a bit, but didn't have the time to play seriously today. However, I wanted to say, that I really love the aesthetic of the game. Visual, sound design, character look and movement, all of these remind me of a game, I have never seen before, but always dreamt to play.
The idea of restricting new players to easy mod only is a bit weird though, but maybe it'll be justified by the difficulty on later levels. Looking forward to play more at the weekend


Hi Croaker2000, thank you so much for your comment. I love to hear that someone enjoys so much a game I made. Let me remind you that by purchasing the game here on itch.io, if you want, you can receive a steam key for free. if you want it, just send me an email. Have a great day!


Great game! Really enjoying it so far! 

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

how many did it sell

Hi, Sorry for not getting back you sooner. The game Just came out, so It is not selling so much yet. But, looking at how the wishlist Is growing on Steam I guess it will sell very well.

how did you advertise it

I published a demo of the game on many websites like crazygames, armorgames and such. This websites allow me to put a link to the Steam / itch.io pages, where the people can buy the full version of the game.

thank you